Welcome to my blog.

My name is Laura, I’m a single mum to 5 children, 3 girls & 2 boys.

I intend to have my blog as a (mostly) kid-free place to express my views, share my thoughts and as a place to escape, so I will be mainly writing about everything & anything. 

Everywhere I go with the children it seems that’s what everyone wants to talk about… I’m human, I live with kids 24/7 that doesn’t mean I want to talk about them… always! 

So as that’s all I ever seem to get talk about, this is now my space! 

I work from home, i love to read, health, well-being, nutrition, lifestyle & entertainment. 

I’m literally new to the blogging world so you may find me rambling on but I’m here to start something new and learn in the process and hopefully bring some value to you lovely people who do read what I write. Hope you enjoy! 

Much Love

Laura xx